Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wow its been way to long...

I cant believe summer is already here. So much has happened since my last blog update. Right after Easter my Nana died. She was the closet person in my life, it was hard to say good bye and let her go, but deep in my heart i know she is out of pain and suffering. I have been working my can off. Summer is such a hopp'n time of year. I'm officially down and post my 100lb weight loss. I'm 259lbs now. Crazy to think 10 months ago  I was pushing 370, hell in Dec when i went into surgery i was 345.. Its mind blowing to me. I have so much more energy an dim so much happier. Life has opened up to me and each day is a chance to live, and I mean REALLY LIVE. Do things that I love to do, things I have wanted to to for years. I walk with more self esteem. I get looks from guys now and its so flattering. I'm so glad i did this, each moment is a better one thanks to my choice. I have my 6m(its about 2 weeks early) check up  this week and I'm excited to see what my doctor says. I have  lost 86 lbs since Dec and I wonder if that's to much or not enough. I still go to the gym, altho its been hard to lately with work and kids. I'm starting to think about plastic surgery also, I will need a tummy tuck and my arms done, somewhere down the road i want a boob job, but until then the wonder bras will have to live up to their name :) I'm pretty much eating whateverI want, altho i had a fresh waffle from farmers market and got a lil woozy I think it was the carbs and not the sugar since i can eat a cookie if i want. Its weird cuz there are days where I can barely eat 2oz of food at a time and then there are daysIi think I'll never stop eating, but I still am losing the weight.. What will not ever stop being a shocker is that I actually thought this might not work for me, but what I'm finding out is I'm MAKING this work for ME... I have control over this... And Skinny.... here I come :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Its been a great weekend

I have had the best weekend ever. I think it has something to do with the weather LOL. Life has been good since my last blog update. Im down to 270lb.. WOW thats HUGE.. almost 100lbs gone... Im already looking towad the plastic surgery side tho..But i guess thats the price i have to pay to feel evern better about myself.  Derrick is still over in the Middle east. We miss him very much. The kids birthday's were pretty hard to get threw without him, but i have great friends that helped make everything special and pull me threw. He will hopfully be home the June, which is only about 10 weeks away, which means i will be even skinnier. As I may have mentioned I don't dump, so it is very easy for me to stop loosing weight If I eat the wrong things. I have slowly started to run.. YEA ME!!!! and I know this seems very basic for most people, but not when you weighed almost 370lb and have a knee and ankle spain, but. I have a goal to be running 10 mins straight by the end of April. I can run for a min straigh now, then i bring my heart rate back downa nd do it all over agin. I have to say, I LOVE the gym. With 3 kids, work, baseball, karate, and football starting, ME time is very limited. At the gym, its just me and my thoughts. I put my headphones in and I push myself. Its something for me and only me. Went to my best friend( Alycia) little girls b-day. She had it at a local Gymnastics place and Adults were allowed to play.. I have a BLAST.. We were playing and jumping. 100lbs ago i would have NEVER gotten out there. I have so much more self esteem its unreal. The great thing is it will only get better :) Watch out world, Here I come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One month Later

So I haven't updated my blog in a month. Exactly LOL. Life has been crazy. I moved Nail salons. I moved with my best friend to her new Nail Salon. We celebrated Gabriella and Christain's Birthdays. We rented out a entire gymnastic's gym an ha a blast. I'm offically 3 months post-op from surgery. I'm 91lbs down since July and Since surgery in down almost 70lbs in 3 months. Im amazed, Im mean, I know thats what is supposed to happen, bt WOW. I bought Capri's at my 2month check up that i couldn't fit into, and down they basically fall off. I feel in such a good place right now. The attention from men is kinda odd and I have to admit, i do like it. I do at least 3 miles each time I go to the Gym, along with weights. Im soo happy right now. Im treating myself to a trip down the so*cal coast line. Just me, I wanna sit on the beach and feel the sand in my toes, hear the waves crash and just be at peace.  Well thats my update...  Im offically 275lbs my first goal i Had set fr myself and CHAA-CING .... DONE ... NEXT!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its been far too Long

Ohh my.  haven't posted in almost 1 month, that's nuts!!!. Life has been kinda busy. My boys are now in Karate and my Lil girl does dance, so my weeks are busy. I'm still working doing nails, I need to get back on track and start sitting there each day again. I'm Officially Outta the 300's
 WOOOOO FREAKING WHOOOOOOO .. I'm actually down to 291... I can't believe i have lost 74 lbs. I feel amazing. I look amazing LOL. I can wear jeans and cute shirts. I work out a lot now, its my new addictions, Yea I'm a Gym Junkie, I love putting my head phones in and turning the world away. NO phone, NO kids, No worries. Just me, the music and the workout. I still say my RNY was the best choice I ever made. I LOVE IT!! I really hope that is anyone reading my blog is on the fence, that this helps them. Some people will say, but i love food too much.. Well hows that working out for ya? Is your rear getting rounder or your waist getting wider, cuz mine was. Life doesn't have to revolve around food. There is more to life than whats the next meal gonna be. There is the smell of a blooming flower, the laughter of a small child, The sweet taste of a Love's kiss, The warm sun on your shoulders and winter's first snowflake on your tongue. Or there is diabetes's, high blood pressure, edema and much more. Life is so much better and happier when your fit, healthy and actually living it. Be well my friends,we only have 1 life, and1 body, lets use it well.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Doing a little happy dance

I have had the most amazing 2 weeks. My knee took a while to heal and I was getting frustrated. I was still losing weight, but my heart wanted to be at the gym. I was  taking it easy and only walking. Walking  about 1-2 miles a every other day.  I started the gym today and I also weighed myself today.. 300lb BABY!!!!!!!!!! I have lost a total on 67lbs since Aug '10. I wanted to be under 300 by this Thursdays which is my 6wek check-up and It looks like I might be there. This last week has been one of clarity. I see things threw different eyes. I'm starting to see people for who they are, some good and some not so good. I'm seeing the snarky, caddy, childish behavior of people also. Its not something thing that I will be reacting to anymore. Kinda like when you ignore a 3y/o poor behavior, sad really. I'm a grown ass woman and with Baseball, Kirate, dance and gymnastics all coming up with the kids, I don't have any extra time for drama. I was talking to my husband tonite and I was telling I'm how I can tell certain people will be throwing my surgery in my face. The funny thing is, I wasn't always FAT.  Up until my 20's i was thin. After my second and third child is when I put the weight on. I was a size 10. So remember when You look at me, you may have only known me as fat, but deep down, i have been thin all along.  This is going to be such a GREAT year!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The stomach flu has hit this home hard

This seems to be a week from hell. I woke up a couple days ago and could barely walk or put any pressure on my left knee. I iced and heated it, still so painful. So I went into the ER. After tons of X-rays and ultrasounds, turns out I sprain/strained my knee. I'm "supposed" to be in a knee brace from my thigh to my ankle. So Im trying to heal and go to bed early last night only to wake up to a bed full of puke. My poor daughter got so sick :( I hobble around and clean her and the bed up, just get her back to sleep when Mateo (our 6y/o) comes in and says he threw up in his bed.. OHH Holy night!!!!!  So I hobble to his room, clean him up and his bed. By then its almost time to get Christain (our 10 y/) to school. We come home, sleep and wake up to a phone call to come get Christain, he's sick....  I haven't had much protein in the last couple days, and Im lacking on my water intake ... I am down to 308lbs, Im trying really hard to be @ or below 300 for my 6week check-up in 2 weeks. I can't excerise since my knee is jacked up, but if I don't make it , it won't be all that depressing. So I just thought I would give everyone a tiny update,  and I know I said I would blog more and Im trying, this just hasn't been my week :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its Almost New Years

I hope everyones Christmas was wonderful, I know mine was.  We had a great Christmas, altho I cried a lot, It was the first major holiday that my husband and I have have been apart. The kids missed him also. But we did Skypex-mas morning. I had him on skype and went downstairs first so he could see the suprised look on all the kids when they came down to see a bike and helmets for each of them under the tree. He watched the kids open all their presents. We then went and had a nice dinner at my Nanas. I've been pretty busy with the kids being outta school and working. I Cheated and weighed myself, I'm still at 319 lbs. Which means I have offically hit my 3week stall. Im not worried, more annoyed. Im also have Ketosis. I have a nasty soapy meticallic taste in my mouth. In the mornings I wake with this dry foamy feeling and I can't get outta bed fast enough to brush my teeth. MY incisions are pretty much all healed up. We bought a Xbox Kinecta couple months ago and LOVE IT. We got new games for it for x-mas and im totally hooked on Dance Central. Its one hell of a work out and fun too. Next week I can ofically start working out. Im gonna start looking at gyms tommorrow morning. I can't wait to sart seeing more weight come off. Well thats about it for now. I hope everyone has a safe andhappy New Year. See ya in 2011 :)