Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its been far too Long

Ohh my.  haven't posted in almost 1 month, that's nuts!!!. Life has been kinda busy. My boys are now in Karate and my Lil girl does dance, so my weeks are busy. I'm still working doing nails, I need to get back on track and start sitting there each day again. I'm Officially Outta the 300's
 WOOOOO FREAKING WHOOOOOOO .. I'm actually down to 291... I can't believe i have lost 74 lbs. I feel amazing. I look amazing LOL. I can wear jeans and cute shirts. I work out a lot now, its my new addictions, Yea I'm a Gym Junkie, I love putting my head phones in and turning the world away. NO phone, NO kids, No worries. Just me, the music and the workout. I still say my RNY was the best choice I ever made. I LOVE IT!! I really hope that is anyone reading my blog is on the fence, that this helps them. Some people will say, but i love food too much.. Well hows that working out for ya? Is your rear getting rounder or your waist getting wider, cuz mine was. Life doesn't have to revolve around food. There is more to life than whats the next meal gonna be. There is the smell of a blooming flower, the laughter of a small child, The sweet taste of a Love's kiss, The warm sun on your shoulders and winter's first snowflake on your tongue. Or there is diabetes's, high blood pressure, edema and much more. Life is so much better and happier when your fit, healthy and actually living it. Be well my friends,we only have 1 life, and1 body, lets use it well.