Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One month Later

So I haven't updated my blog in a month. Exactly LOL. Life has been crazy. I moved Nail salons. I moved with my best friend to her new Nail Salon. We celebrated Gabriella and Christain's Birthdays. We rented out a entire gymnastic's gym an ha a blast. I'm offically 3 months post-op from surgery. I'm 91lbs down since July and Since surgery in down almost 70lbs in 3 months. Im amazed, Im mean, I know thats what is supposed to happen, bt WOW. I bought Capri's at my 2month check up that i couldn't fit into, and down they basically fall off. I feel in such a good place right now. The attention from men is kinda odd and I have to admit, i do like it. I do at least 3 miles each time I go to the Gym, along with weights. Im soo happy right now. Im treating myself to a trip down the so*cal coast line. Just me, I wanna sit on the beach and feel the sand in my toes, hear the waves crash and just be at peace.  Well thats my update...  Im offically 275lbs my first goal i Had set fr myself and CHAA-CING .... DONE ... NEXT!!!