Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wow.. Its been a while ;)

 I have been meaning to update my blog and keep everyone updated on whats going on.  As most y ou you know my surgery was cancelled until Dec 6 th. My hubby came home on Leave  on the 8th, and  it was nice having him home, even tho he won't be here for my surgery. I had another Endo on the 12th.. Everything look great, peachy and I picked up all my post-op meds. I start my liquid diet on Friday. I have to admit i gained a few pounds while the hubbs was home. He wanted all these comfort foods and eating out ( Gift cards from Mother-Inlaw helped that out a lot).We mostly enjoyed out time as a family. He hung out at work with me a lot, we had a blast. The Hubs left yesterday, its was hard and it never gets easier.My Mother-inlaw is flying in on thr 5th to be here withmy while I have surgery.. I can't wait to get this part over with!!

I have learned so much already about myself and how much Im willing to put up with. I no longer bow down to people. I don't have to please anyone ( not that I really did before LOL) I let  ALOT of dumb, childish comments and stuff roll off my back. I don't feed into it, No matter how baited it is.  I have come to see who will most likey be my friends on the other side, and I must say, Im really not to suprised.  Im done bending over backwards for people, when Im not thier priority. Its not worth it to me. Since I will loose some hair after surgery, I decided to cut it all off. My hair is rather thin and was a tad longer than shoulder length. I guess this was a way for me to have control over it. Its very edgy and funky. Spikey in the back and long in front, with one side much longer than the other. I have already gotten a hand-full of complements on it just today :) I will try to update this a couple more times before surggery, which is in 11 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios for now peeps


Friday, November 12, 2010

Had another Endo today

I went back for my follow up Endo today. Some of you may remmeber I was supposed to have surgery on Nov 9, but the Doctor found H. Pyolrie when i had my endo. SO i have 2 weeks full of 2 different meds. I went back to  have another endo today, My Doc said everything looks great. My gastritis is a lot better and everything else looks fine. The doctor did a abdomen check and I haven't gained any of the weight I was required to loose. I have about 5 more to loose. Im excited, I have a pre-op next week and start the liquid diet right after Thanksgiving. It seems everything to fall into place, finally. Im just praying nothing else comes up.

Monday, November 1, 2010

This seem to be going ok

So the most recent  new is my surgery is Dec 6th. I have another endo on the 12th. If that clears my surgery will push forward. I was so very angry, mad, and hurt. I will not be able to have surgery while my hubby is here. But It will work ut, it always does. I have Maintained my weight. Im still doing the liquid thing, just ewting one meal. I take state Board this week. I will be glad when its over.  Derrick will be home in a week. Im so excited. I can't wait. I miss hm so much, the kids miss thier dad. I miss waking up next to him. Im doing this surgery for him, my kids, and yes for myself too. I wanna buy cute clothes, not just drape myself in yards of fabric. I wanna look sexy for my husband, hip for my kids and feel normal in my own skin. We are planning a Disney Cruise for this next summer. A mexican Riveria cruise. I can't wait. I'm prayng and prayng nothing else hold this surgery up .... Please join me in prayer, Im gonna need it :)