Monday, January 24, 2011

Doing a little happy dance

I have had the most amazing 2 weeks. My knee took a while to heal and I was getting frustrated. I was still losing weight, but my heart wanted to be at the gym. I was  taking it easy and only walking. Walking  about 1-2 miles a every other day.  I started the gym today and I also weighed myself today.. 300lb BABY!!!!!!!!!! I have lost a total on 67lbs since Aug '10. I wanted to be under 300 by this Thursdays which is my 6wek check-up and It looks like I might be there. This last week has been one of clarity. I see things threw different eyes. I'm starting to see people for who they are, some good and some not so good. I'm seeing the snarky, caddy, childish behavior of people also. Its not something thing that I will be reacting to anymore. Kinda like when you ignore a 3y/o poor behavior, sad really. I'm a grown ass woman and with Baseball, Kirate, dance and gymnastics all coming up with the kids, I don't have any extra time for drama. I was talking to my husband tonite and I was telling I'm how I can tell certain people will be throwing my surgery in my face. The funny thing is, I wasn't always FAT.  Up until my 20's i was thin. After my second and third child is when I put the weight on. I was a size 10. So remember when You look at me, you may have only known me as fat, but deep down, i have been thin all along.  This is going to be such a GREAT year!!

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