Monday, January 10, 2011

The stomach flu has hit this home hard

This seems to be a week from hell. I woke up a couple days ago and could barely walk or put any pressure on my left knee. I iced and heated it, still so painful. So I went into the ER. After tons of X-rays and ultrasounds, turns out I sprain/strained my knee. I'm "supposed" to be in a knee brace from my thigh to my ankle. So Im trying to heal and go to bed early last night only to wake up to a bed full of puke. My poor daughter got so sick :( I hobble around and clean her and the bed up, just get her back to sleep when Mateo (our 6y/o) comes in and says he threw up in his bed.. OHH Holy night!!!!!  So I hobble to his room, clean him up and his bed. By then its almost time to get Christain (our 10 y/) to school. We come home, sleep and wake up to a phone call to come get Christain, he's sick....  I haven't had much protein in the last couple days, and Im lacking on my water intake ... I am down to 308lbs, Im trying really hard to be @ or below 300 for my 6week check-up in 2 weeks. I can't excerise since my knee is jacked up, but if I don't make it , it won't be all that depressing. So I just thought I would give everyone a tiny update,  and I know I said I would blog more and Im trying, this just hasn't been my week :)

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