Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its Almost New Years

I hope everyones Christmas was wonderful, I know mine was.  We had a great Christmas, altho I cried a lot, It was the first major holiday that my husband and I have have been apart. The kids missed him also. But we did Skypex-mas morning. I had him on skype and went downstairs first so he could see the suprised look on all the kids when they came down to see a bike and helmets for each of them under the tree. He watched the kids open all their presents. We then went and had a nice dinner at my Nanas. I've been pretty busy with the kids being outta school and working. I Cheated and weighed myself, I'm still at 319 lbs. Which means I have offically hit my 3week stall. Im not worried, more annoyed. Im also have Ketosis. I have a nasty soapy meticallic taste in my mouth. In the mornings I wake with this dry foamy feeling and I can't get outta bed fast enough to brush my teeth. MY incisions are pretty much all healed up. We bought a Xbox Kinecta couple months ago and LOVE IT. We got new games for it for x-mas and im totally hooked on Dance Central. Its one hell of a work out and fun too. Next week I can ofically start working out. Im gonna start looking at gyms tommorrow morning. I can't wait to sart seeing more weight come off. Well thats about it for now. I hope everyone has a safe andhappy New Year. See ya in 2011 :)

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