Saturday, December 11, 2010

5 days Post-op surgery

So I went in @ 5:30am On Monday 12-6-2010. I had my Best friend next to me and the Best Mother-inlaw next to me. I was nervous,  When I got on the table tears started roll outta my eyes, The nurses  were very comforting. I remmeber telling them as I faded out " I have 3 kids who thnk I'm very important, so I have make out ok." When I woke up, boy oh boy was I in pain. I woke in recovery and tried taking out the nose oxygen thingy, and the nurse said " no no" I told her I was in pain, a lot of pain, which she promtly told me " Well this is what you wanted" BITCH... I Got up to my room and all that day I was very groggy. I tried to get up and walk, but I only started dry heeving.  I really started to think I F'ed up good this time. I told the Doc to fix me back..  Talk about Buyers Remourse. The next day was better, very sore, I took a shower and walked walked walked. Started talking  meds orally by that night. The next day I felt even better, Walking really did help the gas  in my tummy. My Mother-inlaw  drove me home and I rested on the couch. Everyday has gotten better and better, I barely use the pain meds. I have been sleeping on the couch, it reclines and makes sleeeping very nice. I head back to the Doc on the 16th, hopfully then I will be able to get off the liquid diet and start soft foods, I have been craving egg beaters with salt and pepper and Ketchup... and Egg salad ... soon enough .. My tummy  looks like I stopped 7 bullets LOL  and I tire quickly, but Its just my body re-adjusting.. So I will keep everyone update on my weight loss, so far I have lost 5 pounds since Monday..

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