Sunday, December 5, 2010

its the night before surgery and all threw the Hotel

Everyone is sleeping except me.... We made it to Chico. Thank god we left early and decided to stay the night here in Chico , My surgery was changed to 7am instead of 10am. It poured rain the whole way here and we saw a very nasty car accident. Im getting nervous and excited. I just setteled in and showered with the Hibiclens and placed my patch behind my ear. Its almst 10pm and im wide awake, but tired as hell. I'm wondering  if this is going to extreme? Is this really whats its come to? I have lost 30lbs on my own, do I really need this surgery. The Answer is YES, Hell YES!! I have been able to loose the weight, but it has never stayed off. This is a once in a lifetime  options for me. Never again will my insurance be soo good, Its perfect timing, and I paid the $3500 surgeon fee.

This is it.. I will do this, I am scared, but i will rock this surgery and will lose as much weight As I can. I will be thinner and I will play with my kids more, I will take them bike riding, I will play sports with them. I will feel better about myself, I will be able to shop at normal places, not just Fat girl stores. I will go into surgery with my held held high, knowing i have tried everything i could to be thin and I have done my part to loose as much weight prior to surgery. I will use this tool 100%,  In 6 hours I willbe up and ready to embark on my new journey, I will rock this surgery!!

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