Sunday, April 3, 2011

Its been a great weekend

I have had the best weekend ever. I think it has something to do with the weather LOL. Life has been good since my last blog update. Im down to 270lb.. WOW thats HUGE.. almost 100lbs gone... Im already looking towad the plastic surgery side tho..But i guess thats the price i have to pay to feel evern better about myself.  Derrick is still over in the Middle east. We miss him very much. The kids birthday's were pretty hard to get threw without him, but i have great friends that helped make everything special and pull me threw. He will hopfully be home the June, which is only about 10 weeks away, which means i will be even skinnier. As I may have mentioned I don't dump, so it is very easy for me to stop loosing weight If I eat the wrong things. I have slowly started to run.. YEA ME!!!! and I know this seems very basic for most people, but not when you weighed almost 370lb and have a knee and ankle spain, but. I have a goal to be running 10 mins straight by the end of April. I can run for a min straigh now, then i bring my heart rate back downa nd do it all over agin. I have to say, I LOVE the gym. With 3 kids, work, baseball, karate, and football starting, ME time is very limited. At the gym, its just me and my thoughts. I put my headphones in and I push myself. Its something for me and only me. Went to my best friend( Alycia) little girls b-day. She had it at a local Gymnastics place and Adults were allowed to play.. I have a BLAST.. We were playing and jumping. 100lbs ago i would have NEVER gotten out there. I have so much more self esteem its unreal. The great thing is it will only get better :) Watch out world, Here I come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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