Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wow its been way to long...

I cant believe summer is already here. So much has happened since my last blog update. Right after Easter my Nana died. She was the closet person in my life, it was hard to say good bye and let her go, but deep in my heart i know she is out of pain and suffering. I have been working my can off. Summer is such a hopp'n time of year. I'm officially down and post my 100lb weight loss. I'm 259lbs now. Crazy to think 10 months ago  I was pushing 370, hell in Dec when i went into surgery i was 345.. Its mind blowing to me. I have so much more energy an dim so much happier. Life has opened up to me and each day is a chance to live, and I mean REALLY LIVE. Do things that I love to do, things I have wanted to to for years. I walk with more self esteem. I get looks from guys now and its so flattering. I'm so glad i did this, each moment is a better one thanks to my choice. I have my 6m(its about 2 weeks early) check up  this week and I'm excited to see what my doctor says. I have  lost 86 lbs since Dec and I wonder if that's to much or not enough. I still go to the gym, altho its been hard to lately with work and kids. I'm starting to think about plastic surgery also, I will need a tummy tuck and my arms done, somewhere down the road i want a boob job, but until then the wonder bras will have to live up to their name :) I'm pretty much eating whateverI want, altho i had a fresh waffle from farmers market and got a lil woozy I think it was the carbs and not the sugar since i can eat a cookie if i want. Its weird cuz there are days where I can barely eat 2oz of food at a time and then there are daysIi think I'll never stop eating, but I still am losing the weight.. What will not ever stop being a shocker is that I actually thought this might not work for me, but what I'm finding out is I'm MAKING this work for ME... I have control over this... And Skinny.... here I come :)

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